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K-5 Science Kit Delivery Schedule - 2017-2018 (in PDF) | List of K-5 Science Kits (in PDF)

The curriculum helps students to see the connection between their local and global environments and think conscientiously and critically about their roles in these relationships. Tucson Unified multicultural science education emphasizes dynamic inquiry and exploration, and instruction that represents a variety of traditional and historical viewpoints. By presenting science as an ongoing, creative story with many parts, students will see their own cultural experiences reflected in the lesson.

Science News and Events

  • Tucson Unified science teachers attend SEPUP Academy
    Photo of participating teachers at academy in Colorado

    The Tucson Unified team: Joan Flannery (Doolen O/C Science Teacher), Mollie Grove (Vail Science Teacher ), Kirstin Bittel (Mansfeld Magnet Coordinator), Susan Sumner (Mansfeld science teacher), Jessica Maurer (Booth Fickett science teacher) and Owen Maurer (Booth Fickett science teacher)

    As part of partnership between Tucson Unified and SEPUP (Lab-Aids), several teachers/mentors attended the SEPUP Academy (Science Education for Public Understanding Program) this summer held in Silverthorn, CO. The purpose of the collaboration was to create a team of Tucson Unified teacher leaders to assist with the PD/implementation of SEPUP modules that support the Tucson Unified science curriculum for grades 6-8. The team spent 5 days working with other SEPUP trainers from around the country to make connections to literacy and other content areas as well as make connections to the Tucson Unified curriculum and Arizona standards.

    Science teachers, keep an eye out for upcoming Tucson Unified science professional development opportunities to begin adding these strategies to your science curriculum.

Science Information