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We invite you to review and give feedback on our latest curriculum material review.

Family Life Curriculum - Student Materials

Review Period: July 25 - September 23, 2019
Materials and feedback form are available below.

Family Life Curriculum - Full Curriculum

Review Period: Begins August 1, 2019
Materials and feedback form are available below. AP Computer Science A

Review Period: August 16 - October 15, 2019
Where: Online and at Lee Instructional Resource Center (LIRC)
When: Online access 24/7; at LIRC, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., M-F
Printable Flier (in PDF)

This on-line curriculum by includes instruction, practice, assessment, extension, intervention, and teacher tools for grading. Preparation for AP Exam is also included.

To review the text online, go to the CODEHS Login Page.
Password: 02bak1d@tusd

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After you've completed your review, please share your feedback through the form below.


Please email Deanna McLemore with comments or questions.

Family Life Curriculum - Student Material

Family Life Curriculum - Complete Curriculum

Curriculum Materials Review Form


  • Please rank the curriculum on the following scale, with 0 being poor (or not effective) and 5 being excellent (or highly effective).

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