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Curriculum and Materials Review

The department of Curriculum & Professional Development invites your review of the following materials proposed for adoption.

Gizmos Science - Grades 6-7

Title: Gizmos Science
Publisher: Explore Learning
Proposed Use: Grades 6-7
Printable Flier - Textbook Review: Gizmos Science (in PDF)

Description: This is an online platform, which synchronizes activities and explorations for subjects such as science, under the required Arizona Standards. This resource provides digital support for middle school level science students.

Review Dates: November 21 - November 30

Review Gizmos Science materials online

Nearpod Online, Multiple Titles - Grades K-12

Title: Multiple Titles available through Nearpod
Publisher: Nearpod
Proposed Use: Grades K-12
Printable Flier - Textbook Review: OpenStax (in PDF)

Description: This is a resource for interactive and online instruction. There are over 8,500+ premade interactive lessons and videos available.

Review Dates: November 21 - November 30

Review Nearpod materials online:

  • Select sign-in under Teacher tab
  • Login is
  • Password is Nearpod2020


Please email Deanna McLemore at

Thank you for your interest in curriculum materials at Tucson Unified! We appreciate community involvement.

Curriculum Materials Review Form


  • Please rank the curriculum on the following scale, with 0 being poor (or not effective) and 5 being excellent (or highly effective).

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